The Custard Factory, Birmingham, England.


Just off the centre of Birmingham, England is an area called Digbeth, or as it is becoming known, Eastside. Sounds much cooler don’t you think? Every city needs somewhere for young, hip creatives to hang out and to, well, create. London has Shoreditch , Brick Lane and the Trueman Brewery area and Birmingham is developing one right here in Digbeth.

In Digbeth is a space known as the Custard Factory which used to be just that, a Birds Custard factory till it was bought out by Kraft foods in the sixties. The custard Factory is surrounded by the perfect mixture of urban decay and urban regeneration, thoughtful and conscious street art and hungry young creatives.

The Custard Factory is home to record companies, screen printing shops and photographers as well as nearly five hundred other shops and organisations, there is the right mix of apartments, shops and clubs and is the centre of gentrification in Digbeth.


This is Brick Lane in Birmingham, if we were to open offices in Birmingham right now, this where we would need to be, surrounded by creatives and in a beautiful, urban space which just fits whatever you need to be.


If it is the high street behemoths you want, sure, the bullring is walking distance, if however you want something a little more unique and boutique, this is your place.




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