Slur in India: Pushkar

Pushkar is a magical place. In more than one way.


First of all Pushkar is a holy pilgrimage town for Hindus, it is the site of one of the very few Brahma temples in the world and is built around a holy lake which is said to have been formed when Brahma dropped a lotus leaf.



The town is so holy that alcohol is illegal as is any non vegetarian food including eggs. Pushkar is however also an old hippy hangout and that legacy remains too. There are many hotels and cafes where for about seventy rupees you can get a lassi (curd based drink) laced with marijuana and there are also a number of places where you can buy a drink. One of these places openly advertises cocktails on a board on the street and they get away with it as long as they use words like Mojito, which the police simply don’t understand.


Pushkar is a very laid back place where you can wander all day and not be subjected to the hassles which plague many tourist areas of India, it is a place where days can turn into weeks which can turn into months.


Because of it’s holy status the town is filled with pilgrims from all over india who come to bathe in the waters and thereby to clean themselves of a lifetime of sins. There are sadhus all over town, wandering or simply sitting and chanting to improve their karma.



The only real hassle are the men who try to sell you armbands and to pray for you and your family, while there are many genuine priests here these are not among them. Although as a local we got to know said “ I would rather be mugged with an armband than a gun or knife.


Pushkar is also home to the camel fair, one of the largest in the world. I could happily spend a few months here doing very little.



Pushkar is a very spiritual place.


Lucien Grey

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