Bizarre India

India is a wonderfully bizarre country. The picture below is the queue for railway tickets you get to stand in if you are in a special category, such as foreign tourists.

freedom fighters

I undrestand how foreign tourists are given this privilage, and evenhow it is provable, disabled people, the same, old age pensioners surely have some kind of card they show, all this is clear to me.

What is less clear is that the government runs the railways and at the same time gives special treatment and rates to Freedom Fighters. How does that work? do you have to prove you are fighting the powers that be? Is it enough to show your AK 47 or do you have to prove you have killed government soldiers? Surely there must be some kind of validation process?

Next time in India Im going to try to convince the railway guys that I am with some kind of rebel group, lets see what kind of discount we get.


Love it!

Lucien Grey

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