Slur in India: Kerala, part one, Kovalam- Lighthouse Beach

When we decided that we would fly to India we made the decision to fly into the south. Kerala was our first choice, we wanted to see the backwaters( the subject of another post soon) but we also wanted to spend some time on the relaxed beaches of Kerala.


The beach we chose was Kovalam, Lighthouse Beach, and the hotel was a hotel run by a couple of Italien expatswho converted to Hare Krishna many years ago.

The choice was a good one. Kerala is a very laid back part of India, the only democratically elected communist leadership in the world as well as being the most sucessful state in India with 98 per cent literacy. The beach is lined with a small number of restaurants serving incredibly fresh fish and yet is not filled with either backpackers or tourists.


The wonderful thing about Kovalam, however, is that it is a real, working beach. Every morning I walked down to the beach at five or six o’clock and just watched the men fishing. There were always at least fifty men pulling in trawler nets by hand which had been laid some time earlier, I had never seen men fishing in this way, boats were coming in at all times as well but if you went down to the beach at eight you would miss it all.


Kerala is properly subtropical and so is a beautiful place to be and it is so relaxed as well, if all this gets too much for us, Kovalam would be a good place to escape to, great seafood, local life, some of the best Ayuvedic treatments and Yogis in the world and subtropical weather.

Slur loves Kerala.

Lucien Grey

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