Slur in London: Bars, Ain’t nothing but the blues……

One of the wonderful things about the bar scene in London, and there are many wonderful things, is that bars don’t need to be beautiful, they just need to fill a certain niche, if they do that well, they will make bank.

One such bar is on a little street right between Carnaby street and Regent street. It’s called Ain’t nothing ‘but.. And is a blues bar.Image

Aint nothing but… has a variety of nights, from a blues jam to a burlesque night, one thing you can be sure of is that it will be a good night and it will be jammed, pardon the pun. There are a number of ales available and the wine is ok, the food is nachos and nibbles and works well while sitting on the church benches provided.

This place is basic but does exactly what it says on the tin, good music, bar food and booze, while being a stones’s throw from the tourist hub.


Slur loves, Ain’t nothing but…….

Lucien Grey

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