Slur in Morocco: Marrakesh Souk

Every town in Morocco has a souk but few are as well known or a big as the souk in the medina in Marrakesh.


Once you get the know the souks a little you become aware that the goods in the souk are grouped in areas according to what is being sold. There are ares for the tradional hand made slippers known as babouches, areas for spices and area for silverware.


The areas for traditional medicine are particularly interesting, especially the Berber tea complete with mild intoxicants.


But here is the really interesting part. Hidden away in an area less frequented by tourists is a small alleyway selling a strange mixture of animal parts and minerals, many of which surely can not be totally legal, in a pidgin mix of English  Arabic and French I was told that these items are used partly in medicine but also partly in berber magic and fortune telling.

Now that is interesting.



Lucien Grey

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