Essaouira, Morocco. Fortress by the Sea

Essaouira, like all major Moroccan towns has an old walled city called a Medina and a newer, soulless new city.

What is special about Essaouira however, or Mogador as the locals call it is it’s location right on the seafront.


The Medina, like any other is wonderfully atmospheric, narrow allleyways, some full of tourist orientated souvenirs and some aimed just at the locals.


Essaouira is a massive fishing town, every morning the boats come in, the fish are gutted and sold right there on the seafront, either to the bigger restaurants, the restaurant owners from the nearby towns or the small stall holders by the portside itself.


The small stalls by the side of the port are the best place to buy grilled fish, the fish is fresher than you can think possible and it costs almost nothing, the sardines here are the size of trout and a plate of at least twelve cost a couple of pounds.


Slur loves Essaouira.

Lucien Grey

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