Tangier, the Interzone.

Tangier is the city at the northern point of Morocco just across from Europe, you can see Europe from the Medina walls. Surprisingly for many it is not the capital city of Morocco but it is and always has been a very important city.



From 1912 to 1956 the city was known as Interzone, meaning it was run as an international zone by a number of different European countries. During this time the city was popularised by the beat generation and specifically writers like William Burroughs who spent time there using drugs and the easily available prostitution scene.

The city has retained some elements of this time of course but it is a long way from a beat generation destination, the drugs are still readily available being just four hours away from the heartlands of hashish production in the Riff Mountains. Tangier still has small drinking dens like Dean’s Bar which have taken on the southern Spanish habit of giving free tapas with the drinks, and old grandiose colonial style hotels towering over the Medina.


The town’s ramparts are a reminder that it is here that Africa meets Europe, this is a major smuggling route for both people and hashish and there are canon dotted around as a reminder of different times.


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Tangier is a great city, as always divided into the old city, or Medina  and the new, modern city. The old city is right at the port entrance and is the place to be, the streets here are dotted with small restaurants and shops and just outside the Medina walls there are a few places to get a beer. Don’t get me wrong it’s not hard  to find a beer here but it’s not too easy either.



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Tangier is a great city, the ideal place to stay for six months, shacked up in a cheap hotel writing a book.

Slur loves Morocco and slur loves Tangier.

Lucien Grey


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