Egypt: A coup or not a coup?

Having just watched the BBC news reports on bbc 2 about the demonstrations in Tahrir Square, and having watched their correspondent in Egypt claiming that this is not a civil war, and it was not a Coup, I get uncertain.


The military went in and deposed the democratically elected leader of the country, there was no referendum, they just deposed them, but it was not a coup! There are, at the lower head count, seventeen million people on the streets, fifty of whom are now dead, but it is not a civil war, so what exactly is happening?

It is a coup!

It will always be a coup!

The military took over the broadcasting stations in Egypt, very like a coup in my mind. We see images of the security forces firing their weapons into the crowds on the square, live rounds here, no rubber bullets, as if that was better.

In the west we have access to so much from the media but how much can we trust? The bottom line is that if it is a coup then it is a coup that belongs to the Egyptian people, as long as that is the case, if it is just the military pushing the Muslim brotherhood out of power then where are we headed, what does democracy mean?

Maybe I am totally wrong?

If you are in Egypt now please comment or even send images to our facebook account!

Lucien Grey

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