imageIn 1973 a book was written by Michael Ende called Momo, it was a fantastic book. One of the main themes of the book is the men in grey who shadow the people of the world and steal their time, simply appropriate the time people waste and add it to accounts in the Timebank, this is not what the phrase Timebank means any more.

People in the west today are really, seriously pissed off at the bankers, the bankers in Europe have been earning ridiculous amounts of money while shafting the countries they work in. Timebankers however are not the same thing at all.

In life,everything is not about money, time bankers have worked this out. A Timebank is an organisation which connects people to other people, once you join you register your particular skill sets, you than look through the software for things people need. What you then do is to offer your services as a, shall we say, a proofreader for three hours at no cost to someone who needs such a service. You then have three hours credit in the Timebank, it is worth knowing that all skills are viewed as equal, an hour is worth an hour so if you then need a plumber and can find one, awesome, you have three hours plumbing in credit!

This is of course nothing new, this is just going back to how things were before, when we used swap services with other people in the village, we simply enable it with the power of the internet, what we end up is something really cool where we can simply swap our services with other people to get done what we need to get done.

I really think that Timebanking is the way forward, or at least one of them, if we are to take back control of our lives from the financial institutions, then this is a great thing! It’s a labour swap at truly equal conditions.

An hour is worth an hour, I don’t care what you do!

Slur loves this!

Lucien Grey

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