The Opiate of the People.

When was the last time you saw something good on television?

Over here television is made up of fifty percent docu-soap crap, forty percent cheaply made american imports and the rest is somewhere between ok and decent. Good is not an adjective I’ve been able to use for a long time while talking about television. I’ts purpose is to deaden the pain of modern living, If Marx had lived today it would have been TV which was described as the opiate of the people and not religion. It keeps us ensconsed in our modern homes for several hours every day, it keeps us controlled, it gives us things to long and work for and it pacifies us and stops us striving for more worthwhile aims.

imageChildren in this country are now about 6 or 7 when they get their first mobile phone, when they reach 11 or twelve the same phone must also be a multi-media player and a digital camera as well. The manufacturers make mobiles which will not last more than 12 to 18 months before breaking which is just as well because by that time they are so old as to be utterly out of date anyway. I can actually watch live television on my mobile so I can combine the two things while travelling to work.

I am just as much a part of this as everyone else, I actually think it would be hard to live without my mobile, my computer, internet, my TV. I am a part of what I detest, I drive it forward with my comsumption and I do nothing to counter it. In Phnom Phenn I would still have a mobile and computer so what would change? Well I would at least get rid of the TV, I actually didn’t mention computers in the first two paragraphs because this is a force for change if used correctly. At this moment I am using the computer as therapy, the internet has made the world a much smaller place. I have set myself an aim and can share the process of acheiving it or burning out on the way with anyone who cares to read about it.

Children here grow up with no knowledge or understanding of how it is to live in other less priviliged parts of the world, at the same time as computers have made the world smaller they have also made it bigger, teenage boys here now spend their time living in a virtual world instead of the real one, when I was eighteen everyone was just waiting to get out and travel I don’t see this in the eighteen year olds of today. The virtual world must not be more important than the real one, although I may be wrong, maybe it’s just an ecape and if so then it’s probably more positive than the drink and drugs that I have myself used for the same reason.


societies mission of control

out of control

it’s been a naughty boy

spewing out crap about the american dream

spawning mind control, buy our ice cream

do what we want every day

think what we want you to think

in everyway

’cause you’re a mindless

gormless fool.

Why do you think that we sent you to school

to be educated?


to learn the ways we want you to behave

thats why we sent the rich ones to the other schools

so they wouldn’t have to mix

with the kind of fools

they’d be controlling

in later life

grow up, get a job, choose a wife

and be content

and know the shit you take

is all well-meant

’cause we like yer

we really do

’cause the graft of the many benefits the few

’cause we get richer from the sweat of your brow

and you get poorer

and let me tell yer how

’cause there’s interest

on the money we lend yer

then thers taxes

on the bills we send yer

you’re in a circle

and yer cant get out

yer need a car just to get about

but then then theres road tax

and the R.A.C

and insurance

and the M.O.T

it’s all money you ‘avnt got

you’re living you’re life without a pot

to piss in

you’re aiming to survive

but quite frankly you’re missing

but theres an answer

go home

switch on your telly

put up yer feet

and turn yer mind to jelly

no need to think

just look

absorb all the messages and dont give a fuck

a new religion

just need to switch on

and you’re there

no need to care


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