I am not the man.

I am not the man

the one


I am not the taker of souls

we know of old

cold like the icy wind


I do not have room in my mind for the kind

of thoughts that they possess

I am not less than him

I do not skim the waters

I will not accept what they have taught us

I will not go under

I will not wonder

What it’s like to be there



The master of the air

The sea

The land

I will not take their hand

do not need their help.

I am a man of means

I mean

I glean a living

every day

every way I can.

I am


I am


I walk the world of men with head held high

’cause I know why they do

the things they do

they do

beleive I am a theif

because I take my time

My time

the time I give them from my time becomed their time

I must not complain

I must not whine on thier time.

My time is running out I shout


Show me a sign

Show me the way to seize the day

’cause I must make a stand

or die today.

I’m just not sure I can

because I

am not

the man…

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