Lucien Grey

“that you are a slave Neo, like everyone else you were born into bondage; born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch, a prison for your mind.”

Unlike Neo, not everyone chooses the red pill. Everyone at some point, I believe, is confronted with a potentially life changing situation but the majority of people will gladly swallow that blue pill and go back to their comfortable, or so they must believe, existence. There are many motivations or excuses for this and all are equally valid, I have too much to lose, I don’t know what may be around the corner or most commonly, I have responsibilities.

I understand this. Taking the blue pill is easier, taking the red pill is much harder and demands so much more of you, but sometimes situations dictate and you really don’t have any blue pill to take. You must take the red pill or perish, the option of return is gone.

I took the red pill.

These crossroads in life are always precipitated by some kind of catastrophe, or at the best a crisis, A crucial or decisive point or situation; a turning point. The decision you make at this point is one which will disappear instantly or live with you for many, many years depending upon which you choose. If, as I did, you choose the red pill you are setting course for a new and totally unknown destination which of course is never easy.

Given the same choice again would I choose the blue pill?

No, once you burn bridges you can quite literally never go back over them.

Non, je ne regrette rien.

The journey was tough at times, the blog below gives an insight into just how tough it was, but now none of that matters except as a reminder that things can always be better and you always have a choice.
I took the red pill.

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