Slur in India: Oh My God

Coming as I do, from a white, protestant background, God is pretty boring, pretty gray. If there is one thing I hate it’s gray.

India is not about gray, boring gods!

This is Kali, the destroyer of all things, we are now actually in the age of Kali, which in and of itself is slightly worrying. Kali is often depicted holding several severed heads which we at love.

Another fave of the team is Ganesha, this guy had his head cut off by his father and then in remorse the head if the nearest animal was usd to replace the head, as this was an elephant his life must have got quite wierd. Ganesha is the god of travellers for example among other things, Ganesha is everywhere in India, we love him, anyone who rides around on a rat has to be cool.

In Jodhpur however we found a temple we had never seen before and frankly have never seen since. If any of our Indian readers know about this please, please let us know because we are at a loss. Do not get us wrong here, we live it, and this is the land the Karma Sutra was invented in, so could not be more appropriate!

One more reason. loves India.

Lucien Grey.

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